Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Talofa, Pago!

Hi Everyone!

I finally made it! After nearly 20 hours of air time and two full days of travel, I am safely tucked away in Pago Pago, American Samoa. This is where my orientation will be taking place until August 4. On the 4th, I will be moving to my new 'home' on the island of Ta'u. It's only about 6:30am here and we didn't get in until about midnight last night, so I don't really have anything that new to add. All I know is that Facebook doesn't work at the school, so unless I find a new internet source, you guys are going to have to email me!

I wanted to take this post and let everyone know how grateful I am for everyone who has helped me out these past couple of months. I feel like so many important things have happened to me in the past couple months (graduation, LSAT, move home, move to Samoa, etc.) that I never really told anyone how much I appreciated them. So, without further adieu...

To my Ann Arbor friends- thanks for everything. You're support during the LSAT and the great times we had these past 4 years really have kept me going through all the tough times.

To my friends back in Grayling- thanks for reminding me how great Grayling can be. While none of us live there anymore, you all made my three weeks of freedom more fun than I thought they ever could be. You reminded me that I really shouldn't ever be MIA for 4 years like that ever again. There are a lot of great things there and I shouldn't take them for granted.

To my siblings- you all have been so great when it comes to supporting me. Being in Samoa is certainly something I would not be doing if it weren't for all of you. I love that even though I constantly feel in competition with all of you, you never once make me feel like I'm the baby sister struggling to keep up with all you've ever accomplished. (OK, well maybe you all will do that every once in a while.)

To Mom- Absolutely NONE of anything that has happened to me would be possible without you. You've been such a huge supporter (both emotionally and financially!) Don't worry about me, I will be just fine!!

So overall, I want to take this time and THANK YOU ALL for letting me be where I am today. As I wake up and look across the ocean and see volcanoes surrounding me (pics to come soon!), I realize that I'm here because of you, so thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Until next time. Love.

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  1. I love you Jessie. Definitely miss you in Ann Arbor! Glad to hear you arrived safely :)