Monday, May 6, 2013

Faleasao Weekend!


This past weekend was WorldTeach End of Service- our end of year meeting that is supposed to help us gain information on reentry into our home country. I remember writing this on my calendar back in July and thinking the day was never going to come, but now that it’s here and gone I can’t believe how close I am to this all really being done.

We spent the weekend in Faleasao and Ta’u, the two other villages on the other side of my island. The meeting was insightful, but the best part was that all of us were together one last time before we all start trickling out of the country. Our field director showed up Friday via plane and brought tons of food with her that none of us have had in months. There was frozen pizza, fresh oranges and apples, salsa, BREAD, spinach artichoke dip, and the like. I WAS IN HEAVEN. We compared her unpacking the cooler to an episode of Survivor during a rewards challenge where the reward is food. Although let me point out that Survivor is only 39 days (if you’re there for the whole time, whereas we’re going on 10 months… rookies.) Friday night we had a big dinner and Saturday we had the meeting, went swimming, and played more games. Saturday night I had a definite culture clash as I was eating frozen pizza with fresh coconut water straight from a coconut.

This definitely wasn’t how I used to enjoy my pizza back home, but hey, whatever you can get to drink that won’t kill/harm you here is worth it.

That night I went for a walk to enjoy the sunset because, like I said I really don’t have that much time left here. Here are a few snap shots of the view. To think that this is my life is actually really amazing.

This weekend helped me reaffirm that I absolutely love to travel and I’m not finished. As I start looking at what comes next I’m starting to get excited about it. I definitely think that traveling and continuing to live abroad is in my near future, but the even more exciting question is… where to next?

This coming week I am heading to Pago Pago for Teacher Appreciation events put on by the DoE. Every district was in charge of creating their own sasa (like step dancing Samoan style), siva (samoan dance), and pese (songs). We will be having a large performance this coming Friday that will more than likely last hours on end. We’ve been practicing non-stop for it and have let school out early everyday for the past 2 weeks so teachers can prep. I hear today is going to be no different, there are rumors practice tonight could last 6 hours. Ughh.

Anyways, I leave Wednesday on the boat for an 8 hour ride to the big island and will be returning Friday night on the boat, as well. All I can say is thank god I don’t get seasick. 

Fa Soifua.

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  1. Love the pics.....glad you are loving your life Jessie! God Bless You ! Rhonda Hopkins