Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snapshot of my Spring Break

I spent 4 days at the end of the world on the islands of Ofu & Olosega. Here are some photos.

The adventure began on a tiny boat as 10 of us (including the crew) made over an hour's journey across the ocean to get from the island of Ta'u to Ofu. The views along the way were spectacular.

I spent my time snorkeling, fishing, swimming, hiking, and relaxing with a bunch of friends. This trip reminded me how absolutely gorgeous my surroundings are.

The Boat

Olosega on the right, Ofu on the left.

A cave on the island of Ofu.

Hiking through the National Park

500 year old well.

This picture was taken on Olosega looking at the sunset over Ofu.

Jumping off the 20+ foot one lane bridge that connected Ofu and Olosega.

A bunch of Palagis making an Umu.

Views on a hike of Olosega.

More hiking pics. 

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